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Sustainability issue

May 12, 2008

Over half of the world’s population call a city their home…

It is not surprising then to know that today’s cities consume 75% of all resources and  create 75% of all the waste. They contribute to more than half of all our CO2 emissions and there’s no sign of a quick relief. This is primarily due to the fact that cities the world over have developed over many decades, even during the periods of history where the environment was a low priority. Some have grown from little settlements to major economic, social and political centres in a little than 200-150 years. Yet such a quick growth was not sustained by our knowledge of the environment and our disastrous effects on it. Humans have long lived a lifestyle that is unsustainable and we are now reaping the consequences as a result of climate change.

In the light of this my community organisation is going to focus on the development of sustainable cities and a sustainable way of life among its residents. It will do this by working and collaborating with governments and businesses alike to develop a sustainable infrastructure and practices. It will also encourage the public to live a sustainable lifestyle and try to improve the standards of living.


Research Strategy

May 6, 2008

A research strategy is to be devised for the development of my own community project or oranisation. The aim is to identify a problem or issue in the comunity and then develop a research strategy as to how i would inform myself and my target audience of the concern and put forth a viable solutuion. The next series of posts will monitor my progress on the development of my organisation and a research strategy to be able to undertake the issue at hand.


May 6, 2008

Branding and brands are often misunderstood, much like that of logos and logtypes. Above is a reflective summary on some of the info gained from research into branding. It looks at what works and what doesn’t in the branding and marketing industries of today.

Chaser’s War on Everything – Japanese Research

May 6, 2008

Has Chaser’s gone too far? Judge for yourself, but the chaser team spent no time in conducting their own Japanese research program, just to learn a little more about them. Though this clip doesn’t carry any moral lesson or answer the issues at hand, it does highlight the lighter side of the japanese people, who themselves see the absurd humour in Japanese excuse to continue whaling.

Whale safe beer

May 6, 2008

Japnese whale slaughter occurs in Australia’s back yard every year on the basis of scientific slaughter. Over a thousand whales have to be hunted and cruelly murdered for japan to be able to conduct their research! Yet the meat is sold commercially to japanese restuarants and coastal villages. In response bluetongue brewery has developed a controversial ad that highlights the cruelty of whale slaughter. The company’s aim was to show what the owners of the company really valued and stood for. Life in general.

Shepherd’s Response

May 5, 2008

Tom Baldwin, a Volunteer of sea shepherd Conservation society, provided me with a response to the interview questions i had sent me. Though a little vague, due to the planning of new campaign to the Canadian seal hunt, he tried his best to provide relevant info. the most important information gathered from the response was:

  • Tom’s biographic details which palced in him in the 20-30’s age group with a single marital status.
  • Sea shepherd does not spend on advertising, but relies on publicity and word of mouth to generate interest.
  • Pursues effective actions so that the general public can see that their donation is being well spent.

Also of interest in the response was the meaning behind the “Jolly Roger” flag the organisation flies on their ships.

Visit to WSPA

May 5, 2008

Since I could not secure an interview with one of the employees at WSPA, i decided to make a visit and see whether they had any collateral that I may use in my research. The office is located in st Leonards, just near the railway. Once again the, not much luck. I was only given a newsletter and last years report. They seemed to want to hurry me out, giving vague answers to any question I asked. Also they hadn’t had much knowledge on their logo, saying that i may be claw mark or some sort of animal markings. Oh well, at least something had been gained, a brochure and newsletter.