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Mission for a Vision

May 14, 2008

Vision  A world where humans are able to live in harmony with their natural environment.

Mission  To create sustainable cities and promote a sustainable lifestyle among their residents by educating the public and collaborating with governments, developers and businesses to develop and implement sustainable design infrastructure into the cities and provide a forum for discussion on emerging technologies and issues.


Shepherd’s Response

May 5, 2008

Tom Baldwin, a Volunteer of sea shepherd Conservation society, provided me with a response to the interview questions i had sent me. Though a little vague, due to the planning of new campaign to the Canadian seal hunt, he tried his best to provide relevant info. the most important information gathered from the response was:

  • Tom’s biographic details which palced in him in the 20-30’s age group with a single marital status.
  • Sea shepherd does not spend on advertising, but relies on publicity and word of mouth to generate interest.
  • Pursues effective actions so that the general public can see that their donation is being well spent.

Also of interest in the response was the meaning behind the “Jolly Roger” flag the organisation flies on their ships.