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Avatar Artefact

May 6, 2008

Sea Shepherd avatar explanation can be downloaded here: Artefact


Artefact development

May 6, 2008

For my avatar artifact I have chosen to create a character that represents the likeness of Neptune (Roman god of the sea) and a pirate. Neptune creates a feeling of authority and commands attention. He is also able to take the law into his own hands much the same way Sea Shepherd does. His trident is seen as a deliverer of justice, which Sea shepherd attempts to do at sea.

The pirate like figure and clothing calls to attention of the “Jolly Roger” flag that Sea Shepherd flies on every voyage. They believe that sometimes good pirates have to do all the dirty work as governments squabble in diplomacy. With this pirate I decided to not use boots as part of his clothing as boots are seen as a destructive force which leave a bad imprint on the environment. Bare footed characters are more connected to their natural world.

A photo of characters that i used in the development of my avatar can be downloaded here: avatar character study

Avatar Narrative

May 6, 2008

An avatar narrative that aims to describe the type of people the organisation represents. It seeks to tell the story of each individual as part of one conglomerate group. A pdf version can be downloaded here:

Avatar Narrative

Hi, I’m Chuck. Chuck Davies… I’m an engineer in my mid twenties, I live my life to the full. I enjoy my life and the people that fill it. I love riding my bike, playing chess and meeting new acquaintances. We have one shot at life so why not make good use of it. I love animals and wildlife, I have my own dog, Spike, he’s a character that one. I found him on one of my trips, abandoned almost left to dead. Yeah, I took him in took care of him and now we’re best buddies. It’s hard to understand how some people have no regard for life.

I also enjoy my adventures out on sea. Just love starting early, before the sun heads out. Making my way through the thick smog, with a numb noes and snap frozen hands. Breakfast in one hand equipment in other, nothing more to worry bout. Quite times those, gives me an opportunity to ponder. To think about all the things important to me, our environment, global warming, those cruel things that happen to animals. It gives me that inner drive for the day, gives me that conviction and determination… a reassurance of the rightfulness of what I do.

I believe in more than just political negotiation, I think we need to take action. I cannot remain a passive spectator as generations of seals are slaughtered, whales murdered all in the name of scientific research. It’s outrageous! That’s why I do these little trips from year to year. To try make a difference. It does take courage to risk your life for animals, risk arrest. But it’s the only hope they (animals) have. Nothing is going to change my determination to protect these helpless animals from those ruthless murderers.

The stakes are higher but so are the rewards. Knowing you saved a hundred whales., knowing your actions can make a difference is the best experience anyone can enjoy. I’m out there to make a difference… it is my home… where I belong…


May 6, 2008

Sea Shepherd branding

May 6, 2008

Sea Shepherd conservation Society does not engage in advertising with its investments. Rather Sea Shepherd utilises word of mouth and the general public to spread the word and generate publicity. The organisation also has volunteers who set up little workshops that ask for donations and have printed material to educate people about Sea Shepherd, their work and the world around us.

Sea Shepherd also has an artist Geert Von Jans that supplies the creative needs for the organisation. Geert Has helped in the development of the “Jolly Roger” flag and numerous other projects. Of honorable mention is the work he does in behalf of Sea Shepherd to raise money for the organisation. Geert Develops shirts, caps, stickers and even posters. Geert also develops the emblems or patches for each of Sea Shepherd’s campaigns. These emblems carry a heavy message and are striking and to the point, which develops a sense of authority and power for the organisation. The shirts are usually highly satirical a draw attention.

 Geert Von Jans operates through his own buiness called “Whale Weirdo” which is operated aboard the MS Ode vessel. He lives his life on the edge and has accompanied the Shpherd crew on many of their voyages inthe world’s oceans. His website Whale weirdo carries the work done in behalf of Sea Shepherd.

Disney lands in a stew

May 6, 2008

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has released controversial t-shirts depicting Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck brandishing knives and glaring sadistically over three bleeding sharks, in protest of Disney Hong Kong’s decision to serve shark fin soup at its restaurants. Disneyland Hong Kong has landed itself in a stew where they are embroiled by the world media and conservation groups and activists, in the debate over this hot issue. Reports have been made that even children had been educated in China and are now writing petitions to Disneyland to halt the menu item. Sea Shepherd has taken a bold stand in the issue with the groups leader Captain Paul Watson making the statement: “They say it’s culture. Does that mean Disneyland in Japan is going to have whale burgers?” The New York Times has written an article on this issue, click here to view full story.

Sea Shepherd Success

May 6, 2008

Sea Shepherd conservation society prides itself with the fantastic results they achieve in conservation. This year they were able to prevent the slaughter of 484 whales. The Japanese spent their time running away from the Sea Shepherd vessel, only to arrive at Japan with a catch representing only 53% of their quota! But the Sea Shepherd’s efforts are not recent. The image above well describes the amount of whaling vessels that Sea Shepherd has put out of action over the course of 30 years of their active campaigning in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and thereabouts..