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Sustainable Cities defined

May 15, 2008

There are numerous definitions of what a sustainable cty really means, however all of these have similar threads and lines of thought.

Regional Environmental Centre: “improving the quailty of life in a city, including ecological, cultural, political, institutional, social and economic components without leaving a burden on future generations”.

International for Sustainable Cities: “A sustainable city enhances the economic, social, cultural, political and environmental well-being of current and future generations”.

A number of other definitions can be found on REC’s site: Sustainable cities


Visual Exploration

May 14, 2008

A visual mindmap of the issue and my organisation’s brand essence.

Mission for a Vision

May 14, 2008

Vision  A world where humans are able to live in harmony with their natural environment.

Mission  To create sustainable cities and promote a sustainable lifestyle among their residents by educating the public and collaborating with governments, developers and businesses to develop and implement sustainable design infrastructure into the cities and provide a forum for discussion on emerging technologies and issues.

Issues to tackle

May 14, 2008

To develop a better idea of the companies mission and vision i have selected a few of the issues my organisation will attempt to tackle.

  • Deforestation and the destruction of the Amazon
  • Destruction of natural resources
  • Carbon footprint
  • Throw away society
  • Ill- informed citizens about recycling, reducing use, global warming etc
  • Unsustainable infrastructure of cities

These issues can be corrected to some degree by:

  • Petitioning governments to implement laws and policies regarding infrastructure and business sustainable and ethical practices.
  • Encouraging the use of renewable resource by manufacturers and businesses
  • Collaborating with governments and developers in creating better public infrastructure, amenities, services and better urban design in general (sustainable urban design)
  • Setting targets to attain a carbon neutral society, where human footprint on Earth is zero
  • Educating people and promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle

Kidnapping: “the truth’s beyond us”

May 12, 2008

Colombian Ministry of Defence kidnapping statistics

Kidnapping is something we tend to accept as being out there but never to the extent of it becoming a major issue. However, of those who make their living in the southern America’s it’s a totally different story. Kidnapping has been jested as Latin America’s fastest growing, spurred on by rebel guerrillas and drug lords.  Yet it is uncertain of the exact number of kidnappings that occur in these Latin American countries. Colombia, Mexico and Brazil are among the highest hit countries on record but their statistics differ from different sources. Colombia’s Ministry of Defence has released statistics showing a curtailing of kidnappings as new counter kidnapping teams are being trained. Statistics reveal that by 2005 around 750 kidnappings have been reported. However, other sources place the figures around 3,000, the same figure for Colombia’s Ministry of defence in 2000. A good explanation is that many of the kidnappings do not actually get reported to authorities for fear of the increased brutality or even death to the hostages.

What makes it worse is that as high ranking business men and wealthy individuals flee the country or safer compound areas, the middle class is now being targeted, and no longer do you have to be rich to be kidnapped. However, numbers in kidnapping hopefully will drop as governments put up a harder fight to get control. Special tactical teams are being developed and rebels are being pushed further and further into  rural areas, thus alleviating some of the stress. Yet as more people are becoming targets there needs to be a greater push and public awareness of what can be done to prevent the likeliness of being kidnapped.

See Articles: Inside Colombia’s War on Kidnapping, Kidnapping in Colombia, Kidnapping epidemic hits Latin America, COLOMBIA: THE WORLD LEADER IN KIDNAPPINGS,


Avatar Artefact

May 6, 2008

Sea Shepherd avatar explanation can be downloaded here: Artefact

Artefact development

May 6, 2008

For my avatar artifact I have chosen to create a character that represents the likeness of Neptune (Roman god of the sea) and a pirate. Neptune creates a feeling of authority and commands attention. He is also able to take the law into his own hands much the same way Sea Shepherd does. His trident is seen as a deliverer of justice, which Sea shepherd attempts to do at sea.

The pirate like figure and clothing calls to attention of the “Jolly Roger” flag that Sea Shepherd flies on every voyage. They believe that sometimes good pirates have to do all the dirty work as governments squabble in diplomacy. With this pirate I decided to not use boots as part of his clothing as boots are seen as a destructive force which leave a bad imprint on the environment. Bare footed characters are more connected to their natural world.

A photo of characters that i used in the development of my avatar can be downloaded here: avatar character study